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Who we are

We are a group of volunteers who manage and publish information on Prem Rawat’s teachings for a Canadian audience. Our website address is:


There are no comment input fields on this website.  No comments are received, processed or retained.


The only media on this site are site-relevant graphics and YouTube videos.


Cookies are enabled for this site, but since you are not logging in, there is no relevant or private cookie data stored on your computer.

Embedded content from other websites

Embedded media is limited to Youtube videos.  Embedded email list sign-up forms are optional for you as a visitor to sign up for the Canada Event mailing list.

Who we share your data with

The only personal data collected is if you, as a visitor to our website, opt to sign up for the Canada National Mailing list, on the “National Info” page. Your contact information is used only for the purposes described.  It is not given, sold or distributed in any way to third parties.

How long we retain your data

Canada’s National Mailing List retains your submitted data, until the point where you unsubscribe from this list, and at that point your data is deleted.